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Quick and easy recipes to cook during your rental camper road trip

One of the great advantages of traveling in a rental camper is being able to stop and cook on the road when we are hungry and find an idyllic place to stop. Next, we recommend some easy recipes so that you can combine hot or cold meals, always in the most practical and quick way possible. Above all, we recommend avoiding fried foods because it can be very messy and stews because it takes a long time and would consume a lot of energy and your time to enjoy your Barcelona Campers road trip.

  • Pasta and Rice: Pasta is the quickest and easiest dish that can solve a quick stop when you are very hungry on your camper road trip. Simply boil pasta and always have tomato sauce cans ready to eat. To add a little protein, we recommend adding a can of tuna. And if it is summer and you fancy cold pasta, you can always add olives and corn. Do not forget to buy tin cans, and if you do not use them on your trip, do not worry, expiration dates are long, so you can take them back home. Rice meals on your camper trip also allow both cold version of salad or hot meal with tomato and sausage.
  • Legumes: A couple of cans of lentils can also solve a quick cold dish during your camper trip, such as a salad, adding olives, cherry tomatoes and tuna or a hot meal adding chorizo ​​tacos fried on a pan.
  • Sandwiches: we always recommend having sliced ​​bread on your camper kitchen, nowadays there are many different types, and most stay soft and tender for several days. In the camper fridge, always have butter or margarine, cheese spread and whole or vacuum-packed cold cuts in portions to last longer. This way, you can always whip up a quick sandwich for an outing when finding a nice stop with the camper. And if you prefer warm sandwiches, add slices of cheese and ham on the bread and warm it up on the camper’s pan with a little bit of butter.
  • If your camper road trip is around summer, it gets very hot in Barcelona, thus we recommend having plenty of cold water. You can have half-full bottles of water in the camper´s freezer and refill them with water when ready for a hike or a stop on the beach. Alternate bottles to ensure that you always have cold water in the freezer.
  • Depending on how long your camper road trip is, it is ideal to alternate meals in the camper with some meals in bars and restaurants typical of each area you visit. It is always fun to look for the one that best suits your taste and budget, checking on TripAdvisor or Google. We also recommend trying a takeaway or delivery service and enjoy pizza, tacos or sushi night comfortably in your rental camper.

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